With great work comes great responsibility'. — The team at Hooffer believes in this adage and we put in optimum resoures, latest technology, best of experience and personalized services to efficiently organize Our client events and to ensure that we 'add value' to the original outcome Of the event. We focus on not iust organizing a gathering, rather, we endeavor to create a successful convergence Of people to achieve a result that not only meets all the expectations Of the client, but, surpasses them.

To build on past successes and continue to provide faultless delivery to clients who expect a complete success from their event.

We strongly benefit from our 'positive outlook' and a 'Can do attitude'. With a wide-ranging experience, our team understands the time constraints, complexities, needs and goals Of our client events. It's called experience. You get only one shot to get everything right and it has to be perfect! This is the spirit on which Hooffer was founded.


Overall it was a nice to experience with HOOFFER
the manager was very helpful at the venue.

Nidhi Talwar

The booking, food, decor, service, venue
and the manager were excellent.

Marion Raven

Excellent experience of all the services and
we enjoyed it

Jatin Gupta

It was a fine experience,
Ravi is a nice manager and he helped me out with my queries.

D. Roger

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